The 125.8120S and 125.8600S call set units

A 125.8120S unit

125.8120S Summary

The 125.8120S pushbutton unit functions as a 'set' switch in a WM-00 setup. The button is connected to a WM-00 unit with three wires. Pushing the button will set a call on this WM-00 unit, causing the local red lamp to light up, as well as the system-wide white lamps. Also, a led on the 125.8120S will light up to indicate that the call has been set. The call can be reset using a 'reset' unit, such as the 125.8130S, connected to this WM-00.

125.8120S Wiring Scheme

The 125.8120S wiring scheme

A 125.8600S unit

125.8600S Summary

The 125.8600S pullcord unit also functions as a 'set' switch in a WM-00 setup. The functionality of the 125.8600S is similar to that of the 125.8120S pushbutton above, except that this unit is activated by a pull rather than a push. This makes it possible to span wires along a room's walls, using the 125.8600TK rope and the 125.8600KA pulley set, to provide a convenient call mechanism that can be reached from anywhere in a room.

125.8600S Wiring Scheme

The 125.8600S wiring scheme

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