The WM-00 and WM-00R units

A wm-00 unit in full-alert status

WM-00 Summary

The WM-00 unit is the core of the WM-based call processing system. The various set and reset peripherals are always wired to a WM-00 unit. All WM-00 units in a system are connected by a four-wire bus, trough which calls are transmitted.
The WM-00 unit contains two different lights, one indicating a local call (on one of the 'set' devices connected to this unit), the other indicating a system call (on any 'set' device on any WM-00 unit in the system). Also, the WM-00 is equiped with a buzzer with continuously selectable soundpressure level, tied to the red 'local call' lamp. Any WM-00 unit in the system set to 'master' (see the wiring scheme for details) will also signal with red light and buzzer any time a call is made by any of the 'slave' units.
The WM-00R unit is identical to the WM-00 unit, but it contains a relay with isolated contacts, usable for driving any custom peripheral. The relay can be set with a jumper to either respond along with the red 'local call' light, or the white 'system call' light.

WM-00 Peripherals

The 130.2900 wall mounting frame is required for mounting a 130.1100/SP to a wall. This part must be ordered seperately.
There are two different devices for setting a call. A pull-chain (125.8600S) and a bright-red push-button (125.8120S). Both are identical in function.
There is one unit for resetting (cancelling) a call, a unit with a green button (125.8130S).
Also, auxiliary output relays are available for connecting external devices monitoring the bus.

WM-00 Specifications

WM-00 part#       130.1100/SP
Operating voltage       20-30VDC
Drawn Current       5mA standby
200mA for each lighted lamp
Call memory after power fail       600s min
WM-00 drive current on hold-line       2 A [*]
Relay (on WM-00R only)       2A AC/DC non inductive load
Spare red lamp part#       130.9520
Spare white lamp part#       130.9500

[*] Due to the 2A drive current on the WM-00 hold line no more than 10 WM-00 devices on a single bus (without relays) can have a white lamp installed. If more devices are needed on one bus only 10 of them may have the white lamp installed.
The maximum count of WM-00 devices on one bus depends largely on the thickness of the used wiring and the total configuration of the bus.

The WM-00 wiring scheme

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