IDD KY-series

KY-series electronic lock controllers

A KK-01 key contact A dallas key with plastic frame

Innovative Design's KY-series are a series of electronic locks for various purposes. Employing Dallas keys in an elegant frame (above right) and KK-01 key contacts (above left, also available in brass), the KY-series provide an elegant lock solution for a wide variety of environments.


A KY-04 unit

The KY-04 is a digital key-controller with a serial RS-232 interface. The easy to use electronic keys only need a brief contact with a specially designed brass or stainless steel contact. The number stored in the electronic key is compared with the keys stored in internal non-volatile memory. If a match is found, the lock wil open for two seconds.

Keys can be easily be added and removed, using either the 'Master key' of the lock, or a computer connected to the RS-232 interface, running the Key4win software application.

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RS-232 communication specification.


The KY-05 is an electronic alarm/lock designed to guard shop display cases, rooms, and similar locations. Legitimate users gain access by holding their validated electronic key to a metal contact. This will disable the alarm and optionally power a relay, allowing the user to open the display case. If the case is opened without a valid key, the alarm will sound and will keep sounding until a valid key is held to the contact. It is possible to attach a 'Sesame button'; pressing this button has the same effect as holding a valid key to the contact when pressed.

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Key4win control software.
How to prevent electrical problems with coils/relais (Dutch)

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