Z++ Instellingen

Het Z++ oproepsysteem kent voor het aanpassen aan de specifieke gebruiksituatie de volgende instellingen (de verstek- of default-waarden kunnen per land verschillen):
1200baud0RS-232 on 1200+7+e/9600+8+n baud+bits+parity? (Reset to effectuate).
buttonlogin1Button login allowed?
callcode"XKTADIP123"One-letter call codes as used in LCD:
X=Direct, K=Room, T=External, A=Assistance, D=Dormophone, I=Infrared, 1=External 1, 2=External 2, 3=External 3.
chardelay0Delay .. cs after sending a UART-cDaracter (0=none).
cts0Use clear-to-send as rs232 output hand_shake?
dcf771With dcf77 enabled?
dormo1Dormofoon allowed?
eaudio 60End of audio time-out (0==never).
install1Busy installing the posts?
lampprive00Hex bitset for physical privacy lamp(s). 00=none, 08=white, 20=red.
lampwetcell08Hex bitset for wet cell call lamp(s). 00=none, 08=white, 20=red.
lcdrefresh0How many seconds between LCD-refresh of two rooms?
loginall0Login all rooms automatically?
logtimeout900Auto log-timeout for nurses (0=not).
newspaper0With newspaper scrolling?
output1Output enabled?
pager 0<%s/0-%s/2/3/2/3>Pagerstring for Direct Call.
pager 1<%s/K-%s/2/3/2/3>Pagerstring for Room Call.
pager 2<%s/T-%s/2/3/2/3>Pagerstring for External Call.
pager 3<%s/A-%s/2/3/2/3>Pagerstring for Assistance Call.
pager 4<%s/D-%s/2/3/2/3>Pagerstring for Dormophone Call.
pager 5<%s/I-%s/2/3/2/3>Pagerstring for Infrared Call.
pagerbeeptype11Philips pager beep type (0..15).
pageronly0Send only pager output to UART during application.
pagerrelais0Pager relais number (1.., 0=none).
pagerresend0Resend pager after .. s (0=not).
pagertimeout10Pager-hand_shake timeout (0=not).
pagertype0RS232 pager type, 0=none, 1=Ascom readable ASCII, 2=Philips LBB 5800, (requires 'set pageronly 1').
repbeep20Repeat-rate of call-remind-beep (0==never).
repbeepass2Repeat-rate of assistence-request-remind-beep (0==never).
rs232relais0RS232 relais number for pager (1.., 0=none).
show_d0Show 'd' at every dcf77-second.
text""Default display text.
unknownir1Unknown ir-transmitter allowed as nurse?
volbeep2Default beep volume.
volume3Default audio volume.
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