Innovative Design Delft, MIW-01 and MIW-02 Digital Audio Computer

Stand Alone Direct to Disk recording and playback of voice quality audio is done by the MIW-01 and MIW-02 Digital Audio Computers.

Audio passes through an optional Phoneline Interface, gets digitized, compressed by a DSP and stored to Floppy Disk (MIW-02) or Harddisk and/or Digital Tape Drive via SCSI (MIW-01). RS-232, 20W Audio Amplifier included. All kinds of I/O boards and even LCD display's available. Two MIW-01 SCSI boards are used in the M-64 phoneline recorder. One records and stores all information on the analog telephone line digitally to both harddisk and tape. The second module is used for playback from harddisk and cannot alter the recordings on it.

Press Release MIW-technology

The technology was introduced with a simple press release in the Netherlands and made quite a big splash. More than 40 publications, more than half of the adressed ones, wrote about it in just a few weeks time.

Innovative Design Delft received hundreds of reactions and had a clear picture of "who's who in electronics" in the Netherlands in just a few weeks time.

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